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19 mars 2013 2 19 /03 /mars /2013 09:24

Route 66 goes from Chicago to Los Angeles. It's 3,940 kms long and today it's a road for motorbike lovers and music fans. In the past, pioneers took this road to go west. In the 19th century, the USA expanded to the west so millions of people settled there but the Gold Rush in California in 1849 also attracted lots of Americans and immigrants.



The Rolling Stones sing "Route 66", an original song by Nat King Cole :


During the 1930s, there was a big economic crisis in the USA (=The Great Depression). Lots of poor people took Route 66 to go to California to find a job :


Do you want to find gold and become a millionaire ??




 No, it's a waste of time ! It's better to revise how to express the future in English


Réviser les marqueurs de temps :



Réviser le futur et le futur proche :




 Have fun !


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